Main Coffee Types and Popular Coffee Producing Countries

Coffee Producing Countries

If you know, it has been more than 1200 years that people have been consuming coffee. Not only due to the amazing fragrance but also the drink is favoured for its taste. Many of us can simply call it a perfect solution to our tiredness.

Generally, it is believed that the plant is only found in developed nations. However, there are other less-popular countries with skilled farmers who take care of quality beans too. Around 80 countries grow coffee that consist of various varieties and characteristics.

Let’s learn about the main coffee types below:

Relatively, there are 3 major types of coffee beans; Liberica, Robusta and Arabica. Each bean type possesses a different taste and flavour, with several sub-types.

Characteristics of each coffee bean:

  • Liberica: Low yield type of coffee bean.
  • Robusta: Strong taste with 2.5% more caffeine
  • Arabica: Most common used coffee bean with smooth taste and low caffeine rate.

Like other farming, coffee bean plantation depends on several factors such as temperature, height etc. Hence, there are different countries contributing with specific coffee beans. Let’s check the popular countries below:

Popular countries with high quality coffee beans:

[1] Vietnam (Coffee Type- Robusta):

Coffee is the only thing that didn’t get affected by the war in Vietnam. People here prefer strong-flavoured coffee i.e. Robusta beans. The nation is one of the top coffee exporters in the world, and certainly known as “the native land of Robusta”.

[2] Indonesia (Coffee Type- Robusta & Arabica)

There is no surprise to see the country’s contribution in coffee production as it grows more than 600 millions kg of coffee every year. It has its own identity in the international coffee market.

[3] Brazil (Coffee Type- Arabica)

The country produces rich quality coffee beans that dispense an eminent taste. The coffee grown here is widely favoured due to less acidity factor. The product is simply termed as premium quality. Certainly, it is one of the top coffee producing houses in the world.

[4] Colombia (Coffee Type- Arabica)

With more than 800 million kg of coffee production, the country has a fair contribution in the world coffee market. The Arabica coffee found here is somewhat behind Brazil in taste; though, it produces tasty coffee. Popular coffee sub-types are Extra and Supremo.

[5] Ethiopia (Coffee Type- Arabica)

Ethiopian coffee is more likely connected with history. The coffee culture is meant to be present here from 800s A.D. Even many historic findings name it a “Homeland of Coffee.” The country produces more than 350 million coffee each year, which possess good-quality taste.

[6] Uganda (Coffee Type- Arabica & Robusta)

From the aroma, the coffee type resembles the African culture that contains wine-type acidity content. The produced material is less popular than that is found in Ethiopia. The country fairly shares its contribution at the international stage and highly offers to the nation’s economy. Bugishu is one of the imperative coffee sub-types found in Uganda.

Other Countries Producing Best Coffee:

Guatemala: The country is well-known for its rich-quality coffee beans. The special plant is grown in the mountainous areas which help it to dispense a tart flavour and make it more intense. The famous variety of Guatemala coffee is termed as “Antigua Volcanic.”

Costa Rica: The coffee beans found here are well rounded with a classic taste and hold a good reputation in the global coffee market. Likewise, the plant grown on the volcanic soils produces soft, smooth and walnutty flavour. Popular varieties found here are Cashier and Margarita.

Jamaica: Coffee beans of Jamaica are of truly high-standards. It is one of the most costly grades of coffee. It uses their own specific refinement and possesses a rum like aroma. Blue mountain coffee beans are one of the best coffee sub-types found here.

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