All About Perfetto Coffee

Coffee. Say the word and a vision of a hot cup in your hands arise, steam rising softly as you inhale its heady aroma. This cup of goodness can jumpstart lazy mornings, inspire cheer on cold days and forge friendships like little else. 

The Perfetto line of coffees was created around this promise of friendships that great coffee can make. The aroma, warmth and richness of coffee can connect and keep conversations going between the unlikeliest of friends, bringing together people from all walks of life.

And this is the vision that inspired Perfetto to create the perfect cup of coffee. Perfetto coffee range is created from the finest quality of beans from Chikoff, sourced almost exclusively from our own coffee grounds in Coorg to ensure purity. We know that a single bad bean can spoil that smooth coffee flavour on your palate. Our coffee beans are selected with precision, and expertly processed and sealed to ensure maximum flavour and freshness in the bottle that you buy.

A little about the type of beans we use

Ever wondered why the coffee you make at home tastes different from the one you may have had on your vacation in Sri Lanka? Isn’t it all just coffee? 

Surprisingly enough no, apart from there being 30 types of coffees there are four different types of coffee beans. The most common of the four different types of coffee beans are Arabica beans which are most probably what’s in your morning cup of coffee. Why are Arabica beans more commonly used than the others (Robusta, Liberia, Excela)? Arabica tends to have a sweeter and more layered undertone – they also yield more crop per tree. While Robusta beans are also widely used as they have much more caffeine than Arabica and they also can be grown more naturally. While some people prefer the more direct tones of Robusta beans, others prefer the fruity, floral hit of Arabica beans, although the coffee connoisseurs of the world do lean toward the latter. 

Perfetto has taken the time and dedication to blending both varieties in a perfect ratio, to give you the perfect cup of flavoured coffee – the richness and flavours of Arabica coffee and the baritone of Robusta.

Coffee is our legacy

It’s a good thing then that the makers of Perfetto coffee have three decades of coffee history in their veins. As global coffee producers and marketers, the founders know what makes good coffee great. The exact time to pluck the beans, the right temperature for grinding, the precise way to store the fresh ground coffee – so that your senses are rewarded when you open a bottle of Perfetto coffee.

Health benefits of Perfetto coffee

As you know, your senses aren’t the only thing being rewarded. Coffee has been proven to not only stimulate you so that you don’t fall asleep at work, but it also slows down the onset of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and depression. What’s more, it helps you lose weight, burn fat and boosts your physical workout sessions. If all that isn’t enough, it is even good for your heart, as long as you don’t overdo the sugar and cream.

Our reason for having coffee, of course, is the sheer taste of it. So let’s get to that perfect cup of steaming flavourful coffee right away.

Buy Perfetto coffee online

The select range of Perfetto coffees is available to buy online and at your favourite dealer. Try out all our flavours to see which coffee type is the best fit for you – or try them all for different moods. We recommend getting together your friends and gifting each one a flavour that you think represents them the best!

Get together your friends, brew a cup of flavoured coffee in instants, and be on your way to making conversation and memories. Perfetto flavoured conversations.

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